Paul Bullard timeline

Self-portrait: The Artist at Home 1987

Self-portrait: The Artist at Home 1987

1918 Born, London, February 2nd, son of Arnold and Olive Bullard (formerly of Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk) and brother of Jack Bullard (c.1914-c.1938)
1934 Enters Clapham School of Art
c. 1937 Meets fellow-student Jeanne Fenner (b. 1920)
1938 Enters Royal College of Art
1940-45 Military service – UK, Africa, Italy, UK
1944 Marries Jeanne Fenner
1946 Continues at Royal College of Art
1947 First son, Alan, born.
1947- Begins part-time teaching at art schools and paints prolifically in oils
1948- Exhibits at the Royal Academy
1950- Exhibits at the New English Art club, and with the London Group
1950 Family settle in Blackheath, London SE3
c.1950 Lecturer in Art, Woolwich Polytechnic
1951 Second son, Nicholas (Nick) born
1958 Becomes Lecturer (later Head of Department) at Camberwell School of Art
1960s Continues to paint, largely in oils, and to exhibit
1970s Focuses on water-colours and drawing, less oil-painting
1978 Aged 60, retires from Camberwell School of Art and moves to Stanstead, near Sudbury, Suffolk
1980s and early 1990s Continues drawing and water-colours, but produces many oil paintings too in response to requests from dealers
1990 and 1992 Exhibits at Louis. C. Morton Gallery, Mexico
1995 Moves to Colchester, Essex
1996 Dies, St Helena Hospice, Colchester, aged 78
2008 Jeanne Bullard dies, Colchester General Hospital, aged 87


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