Paul Bullard paintings and writings

British Prisoners of War

Paul Bullard (1918-1996) was a painter, lecturer, and occasional writer. He was captured in North Africa during the Second World War, and escaped from a prison camp in Northern Italy, living on a number of farms before finding his way back to the UK.
He wrote an illustrated memoir about his time in Italy, and in 1946 painted a picture of the prison camp (above) which is now in the Imperial War Museum, London.

You can read all of Paul’s memoirs of Italy here: start on the page called
Life in War-Time Italy: Introduction here and follow the links from chapter to chapter.

After the war he exhibited widely, with a particular focus on landscapes and townscapes, at the Royal Academy and several London galleries, and undertook a number of commissioned portraits. He subsequently became an art lecturer, mainly at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in South London, and lived in Suffolk after his retirement. In his later career he painted a large number of water-colours and delicately crafted plant drawings while continuing to paint in oils, and his final exhibition was in Mexico in 1992.
He never forgot his time in Italy and the kindness of the families who sheltered him after his escape, and he visited them and kept in touch with them all through his life.

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