Life in War-Time Italy: Introduction

Paul Bullard (1918-1996)

In the 1980s and 1990s the artist Paul Bullard wrote and illustrated these memoirs of his time in the Marche district of Italy during the Second World War.

He wrote them in reverse order: thus the first was about his life with Italian farming families following his escape from prison camp, and was called Time off in the Marche 1943-4

Next he wrote an account of his capture in North Africa and his time in Campo Concentramento No 53 in Sforzacosta, Macerata, Italy, and was called Doing Time in the Marche 1942-3

And shortly before his death he began a third volume, about his time in North Africa in the earlier part of the war. This is included here: Egypt 1941. So if you would like to read them chronologically, this is where to start.

There is also an Appendix along with various additional documents, including the battered diary that Paul actually kept during the war while he was in Italy.

The originals of these memoirs were produced on an electric typewriter with pasted in illustrations – these files are scanned in, corrected, and re-formatted. At the bottom of each chapter is a link to the next one.
mum and dad on their 50th anniversary
Paul and Jeanne Bullard on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1994

Link to Egypt, 1941

Link to Doing Time in the Marche, 1942-3

Link to Time off in the Marche, 1943-4

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